The elegant and refined setting of Villa Symposium combines the warm and welcoming atmosphere thanks to its traditional décor, the open kitchen with the sinful smell of the delicacies, and the friendly staff. In the comfortable air-conditioned rooms it can accommodate more than 400 people, while in the summer the outdoor terrace, overlooking the foothills of Mount Parnassus and the peaks of Giona, gives the opportunity to more than 800 people to enjoy your event.

This year the kitchen tries traditional recipes and ingredients and reveals their secrets with imagination and fun as it combines recipes from the village with a little modernity.

Villa Symposium is ideal for a traditional Greek meal, a formal dinner, a symposium, the celebration of a wedding or christening or even for a business lunch.

Live Greek and international music as well as shows of traditional Greek dances is available upon request.


For Bookings / Information / Events Organization please contact us:

Tel.: 22650 82704 | 6948983094
Fax : 22650 82710