Phocis (Fokida) prefecture is located in Central Greece,and borders with Boeotia prefecture in the east, Fthiotida at the north and with Etoloakarnania in the west. To the south lies the Gulf of Corinth. Its capital is the picturesque Amfissa, the largest city in the county, with many attractions. The county’s economy relies heavily on olive cultivation, bauxite mining, honey production and fish farming, stock raising, poultry farming and tourism.

Phocis is a very popular destination that combines harmonically the beauty of mountain with the sea, and promises to the visitor pleasant holidays of rest and relaxation. The visitor can easily access the ski resort of Parnassos, where they can enjoy numerous and pleasant moments of relaxation, away from the stress and the bustling of the city.

One of the most popular destinations in the region is Delphi; the center of the world or “Omphallus of Earth” as it is also called, the most sacred center and oracle of antiquity. The town of Delphi is located on the west slope of Parnassus, at an altitude of 550 meters with magnificent view; it has been described as a place bustling with positive energy.

The scenery of Delphi is truly amazing, and will inspire you explore the history of the area.

The archaeological site is full of findings and sceneries that travel you thousands years in the past. At the entrance of the archaeological site, you will greeted by the treasures and the dedications of the ancient Greek cities at the temple of Apollo, and they will make your exploration truly interesting and amazing.

The museum of Delphi is also an important landmark that you have to visit in the archaeological site, the impressive findings will captivate your imagination, and we are sure that you will spend quite a few hours admiring everything. The impressive sculptures such as Sphinx of Naxos, Twin Kouri, a statue of Antinoos and the silent leader of the museum, Iniochos, he will impress you with his handsome features.

During the summer time, the coastline of Phocis, offer you pleasant moments at the tourist resorts such as Itea, beautiful Galaxidi, Agii Pantes, and many more seaside villages, which are ideal for holidays in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.